• September 13, 2021

The customer had recently purchased and installed a new fiber laser cutting table and were looking for a single system that could exhaust and filter the fume generated by the new fiber table, an existing fiber table and an existing CO2 cutting table processing stainless steel. The existing laser tables were being serviced by dedicated dust collection systems that were located inside the plant, utilized valuable plant floor space and were quite loud.

The Camfil model GSX16 was installed outside and was equipped with an AirPro Fan & Blower model IEAH arrangement 4V top-mount blower, Camfil eXtreme flame retardant cartridge filters and an integrated control panel with the GSX Touch Screen, variable frequency drive and blower static controls which adjusts system performance based upon static pressure conditions through the system. In addition, a remote HEPA after filter housing was supplied and installed inside the plant so that with the use of a summer/winter damper in the return air ductwork the customer could either discharge the air that had moved through the primary cartridge filters either outside to atmosphere (warmer months) or back into the facility and through the HEPA filters (colder months), saving on heating costs and avoiding adding to their negative pressure.

Clamp together ductwork from KB Duct was utilized for the interior portion of the installation and a U.S. Duct spark arrestor was installed at the inlet of the collector in order to protect the collector.

The system does a great job exhausting the fume and smoke from the three tables, has freed up valuable floor space and significantly reduced plant noise levels.

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