• June 25, 2024

Application Requirements

Since we design industrial air filtration systems, it might surprise you that we work with high schools and technical colleges across the country. Indoor air quality of school facilities is within the scope of commercial HVAC, but industrial-grade air filtration is often required when schools offer shop classes like welding and woodworking. These classes produce weld smoke, fumes, dust, wood chips, and other pollutants similar to manufacturing environments. It’s critical to properly remove the pollutants and return clean air to the facilities for the health and safety of students, families, and staff.

Design Factors

Just like industrial manufacturing environments, there are several design factors to consider. They include building size & layout, required filtration levels, combustible dust details, and budget constraints. Different educational sectors (K-12, vocational, and higher education) have distinct air filtration requirements and regulations. Some states have specific guidelines regarding air filtration in schools as published by the Environmental Law Institute and call for specialized systems to comply with regulations.

Potential Hazards

Schools that offer woodworking classes have explosion and fire hazards to consider, as significant amounts of wood fibers and sawdust is generated. The dust suspends in the air, forming a dust cloud that creates an explosion hazard when exposed to an ignition source – sparks, electrical equipment, and even hot surfaces.
The NFPA 664 Standard provides guidance on how to properly remove the combustible dust and maintain environmental safety.

How We Help

We will design and supply air filtration systems to satisfy the unique requirements of schools throughout the USA. Our engineering drive to “get-it-right” combined with our budget-conscious approach offers practical solutions to educational facilities that must comply with air safety mandates while operating within budget realities.

Reach Out

Whether you need replacement parts, inspections, or new and effective dust collector systems, we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss next steps.

Additional Information Published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

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