• April 18, 2023

The MistBuster electrostatic precipitator is a high efficiency air cleaner that is a great fit for industrial machining operations such as CNC machining and wet grinding that generate coolant mist and/or oil smoke. The systems can be configured with multiple “passes” of filtration components to be able to accommodate the mist and/or oil smoke from high pressure pump applications and heavy loading operations. The MistBuster utilizes washable electrostatic components and can be equipped with a secondary HEPA filter as an option.

MistBuster mounting options include ceiling and wall mount kits, pedestal stands, machine mount leg stands and direct cabinet mount. In all cases collected lubricant can be returned to the machine resulting in significant cost savings.

Installation can be very simple as the systems are typically installed with very little ductwork, if at all. Also, the MistBuster can be equipped with a single-phase motor and cord that plug into either 115/1/60 or 230/1/60 outlet, not complicated or costly three phase wiring and controls.

If you are in Texas or Oklahoma and are confronted with a machining mist or smoke problem that needs to be addressed, please contact 3B Air Systems at Call us at 972 504 7732 or at [email protected] to discuss how 3B can help with the MistBuster mist and smoke collector.

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