• April 30, 2024

If you walk through a food processing plant, you will most likely notice dust in different areas of the plant. This dust is often generated from grinding, filling, mixing, and packaging various food ingredients, such as grains, egg products, starches, dried nuts, and legumes. While it may seem harmless, dust is a big food and workplace safety concern that must be managed properly.

Food Safety

Dust that settles on surfaces and equipment can mix with food products and result in allergen and/or pathogen contamination. To reduce this risk, regulatory agencies (such as the FDA & USDA) have established guidelines and standards to help food processing facilities maintain a clean and sanitary environment. They not only call for the removal of dust from the process area but also require that dust removal equipment allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. These sanitary standards can impact equipment type and size, materials of construction, and surface finishes and coatings.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is another important consideration, as the dust in food processing plants may be combustible. Improper collection and storage of combustible dust can lead to fires and explosions resulting in worker death and injury.

OSHA and the NFPA provide mandates and guidelines for removing and handling combustible dust to increase worker safety. Like food safety, these standards influence the equipment used and must be considered during the design process.

Properly designed dust control and ventilation systems play pivotal roles in ensuring the safety, quality, and efficiency of food processing environments. These factors are not only critical for maintaining a clean production space but also for safeguarding the health of workers and preventing cross-contamination of food products. In the world of food processing, the management of airborne particles through effective dust control and ventilation systems cannot be understated.

How We Help

At 3B Air Systems, we understand dust collection and air filtration for food processing applications. We’ve helped our customers increase food and workplace safety without compromising production output.

Our engineers will assess your application requirements and design a system that safely removes dust from your manufacturing process and complies with government regulations. We then work with our trusted equipment vendors to supply equipment with custom food-grade and explosion proof features. Our installation crews will bring it all together at your facility with turn-key installation and testing services.

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